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Discover a premium sushi bar experience at Central’s newest restaurant, the epitome of finesse and craftsmanship


Masa Hong Kong welcomes our guests with a minimalistic yet detailed interior design. Throughout the dining experience, guests will be seated behind a bar table made from the longest piece of Hinoki wood ever to be used for the purpose of sushi bar in Hong Kong. Adorning the ceiling, the handcrafted Kumiko wooden patterns are true demonstrations of the thousand-year Japanese mastery of wooden art technique.


Aligning with Chef Masa’s philosophy, all dishes are crafted with the highest quality, authentic and seasonal Japanese ingredients, so that guests may appreciate the perfect flavours for each unique time of the year.

The raw ingredients are purchased mainly from Tokyo’s Toyosu, the spring water and wasabi from the Shizuoka Prefecture, while the Year 1854 “Maruyama Nori” laver are sourced from Tsukiji, Tokyo. Every aspect of Masa Hong Kong is unconventional, showcasing the Chef Masa’s willingness to step away from the norm in order to provide our guests with the best experiences.

A new omakase experience unlike any other, come and visit Masa Hong Kong in Central.

Executive Chef

Chef Masa Fujisawa

Chef Masataka Fujisawa is a Japanese-born Hokkaido native. Masa San takes up the head with the confidence of over 25 years of rigorous experience under his belt, with previous stints at the award-winning Sushi Ichi (1*) in Singapore and Satori in Tokyo.

Embracing craftsmanship, Chef Masa is missioned to bring a unique omakase experience to Hong Kong through his professional, out-of-the-box approach by drying and maturing with different seasoning and vinegar according to the uniqueness of ingredients.

What Chef Masa Shares

“Many varieties of fish lack desired flavour when served too soon after the catch, hence the need for aging raw sashimi. Dry-aging enhances both taste and consistency by reducing moisture and breaking down the protein, resulting in umami flavour and tenderness.”

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